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Learn to Swim Program

Programs for all ages and skill levels

Our Learn to Swim Program will introduce your child to the aquatic environment through a variety of correct swimming progressions and levels.

Children are grouped according to their current swimming ability and age, with small class sizes of 4.

Our experienced Accredited AUSTSWIM Teachers have been trained to deliver quality Learn to swim lessons in a happy, safe, positive learning environment.

Deep water Survival Skills, Entries, Diving, Tumble Turns are all included in our programs.

Skill Levels

Our Beginner Levels are designed to set the foundations and prepare your child to learn correct stroke development.

Our focus is to teach your child Water Confidence by having fun in the water, Balance and Free Movement, Buoyancy, Aquatic pop-up breathing, correct kicking, beginner Propulsion, beginner Freestyle and Backstroke development, confident swimming in deep water and Basic Water Safety.

LEVEL 1 – Minnow – Timid Beginner

  • Gain confidence, balance and enjoyment of class activities.
  • Assisted free movement in water.
  • Tolerate water over head and dip face in water.
  • Aided floats.
  • Water awareness skills.

LEVEL 1/2 – Turtle – Beginner

  • Enjoy free movement away from edge.
  • Hold breath and submerge.
  • Float with assistance and put face in water.
  • Assisted paddling and kicking co-ordination.

LEVEL 2 – Starfish – Confident Beginner

  • Submerge whole body and blow bubbles.
  • Float independently.
  • Glide and Torpedo with an aid.
  • Develop a good kicking action.
  • Beginner Dog Paddle over a short distance.

LEVEL 2/3 – Tadpole – Advanced Beginner

  • Independent swimming using under arm.
  • Unaided Glides and Torpedo’s.
  • Front and back straight leg kicking with aid.
  • Aquatic pop-up breathing.
  • Deep water formalisation.

LEVEL 3 – Frog – Beginner Swimmer

  • Streamline Glide and Torpedo with correct body position.
  • Develop beginner Freestyle (Rainbow) arms.
  • Develop beginner Backstroke arms.
  • Gaining confidence in deep water.
  • Jump in and swim to edge independently.

Children must have achieved Buoyancy, good Body Position, Kicking, relaxed aquatic pop-up breathing, competent long “Underarm”(Super Dog Paddle), beginner development of Freestyle and Backstroke arms and be confident to swim in and around deep water before progressing into our Intermediate Levels

Our focus is to teach children the correct stroke progressions for Freestyle, Backstroke, Survival Backstroke and Breaststroke.

Children will learn correct Kicking and Breathing patterns, how to Dive, safe Deep Water Entries, Treading Water, important Survival Skills and Water Safety knowledge.

LEVEL 3/4 – Goldfish – Developing Swimmer

  • Introduce aquatic “roll to side” breathing.
  • Develop Freestyle “bubble arm, breathe arm”.
  • Develop correct Backstroke.
  • Introduce Frog kick on back.
  • Confident deep water entries.
  • Introduce diving.

LEVEL 4 – Platypus – Formal Strokes

  • Correct Freestyle “roll to side” breathing.
  • Introduce Freestyle “breathe every 4th stroke” timing.
  • Backstroke without aids.
  • Co-ordinate Survival Backstroke arms and kick.
  • Introduce beginner front Frog Kick.
  • Standing Dive and Deep Water safety skills.

LEVEL 4/5 – Seal –  Strengthening Swimmer

  • Introduce Freestyle “bilateral breathing”.
  • Correct Backstroke timing.
  • Confident relaxed Survival Backstroke.
  • Introduce Breaststroke timing “pull-kick-glide”.
  • Increase distance for Freestyle and Backstroke.
  • Diving and Treading Water skills.

LEVEL 5 – Marlin –  Intermediate Swimmer

  • Learn Breaststroke correct timing.
  • Increase Freestyle, Backstroke and survival swimming distance.
  • Introduce Dolphin kick.
  • Competent Deep Water Survival Swimming.
  • Competitive diving starts.

Children must have achieved correct and efficient stroke development of Freestyle, Backstroke, Survival Backstroke and Breaststroke.  Be able to dive, competent Survival Skills in deep water and have an overall knowledge of Water Safety before progressing into our Advanced Levels

Our Focus for advanced levels is to strengthen and improve all strokes.

Lessons include diving, turns, drills, multiple lap swimming with the introduction of sidestroke and butterfly.

LEVEL 5/6 – Dolphin – Competent Swimmer

  • Increased distance swimming of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.
  • Develop Sidestroke.
  • Introduce butterfly arm co-ordination with dolphin kick.
  • Introduce Tumble turn.
  • Survival skills.
  • Develop all stroke starts and finishes.
  • Racing Dives.

LEVEL 6 – Barracuda – Advanced Swimmer

  • Refine all strokes using distance and drills.
  • Multiple laps of Freestyle with Tumble turns.
  • Medley swimming.
  • Racing starts and finishes of all strokes.
  • Advanced Deep Water Survival swimming.

Children from a Level 6 have the opportunity to either stay in a 30min lesson or transition into our 45min Advanced Learn to Swim program. Our 60min Squad is the final stage for children who wish to keep swimming in a fun non-competitive Squad environment.

45 minute Advanced Learn to Swim

Great session for children to begin swimming multiple laps, learn lane etiquette and become more efficient swimmers.  Stroke correction, drills, turns and diving are included in each session.

Each child has the opportunity to improve and strengthen strokes while developing a love of mini squad swimming in a relaxed no pressure environment.

60 minute Junior Fitness Squad

Perfect for children who are not interested in joining a Swimming Club but still love to swim for fitness.

This is a faster paced squad with less rests in between laps. Emphasis is on continuous lap swimming, drills, tumble turns and competitive starts while improving strength and endurance.  Children make friends, while improving their fitness at the same time.

junior fitness squad

Class Times

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Lesson and Squad Prices

  • 30min Learn to Swim Lesson: $16.50 per lesson
  • 45min Advance Learn to Swim $17.50 per session
  • 60min Squad: $17.50 per session

No scheduled lessons during School Holidays and on any Public Holiday. Invoices exclude all holidays.

Automatic 10% discount for 3rd and 4th child

School Holiday Learn to Swim Program

  • 14th  to 25th January excluding weekend (10 sessions)
  • 8th to 12th July 2018 (5 sessions)
  • 30th September to 4th October 2018 (5 sessions)

This program is a great way for children to learn, consolidate and advance their individual swimming skills.

Classes commence at 3:00 pm daily and run every 30 minutes.

Small class numbers and same instructor for duration of program.

Suitable for children 4 to 12 years.

Enrol now!

family fun swims

Stroke Clinics

  • Specialised stroke, diving and turn clinics are held separate to our learn to swim program.
  • Dates and times will be advertised here on our Website, Just Swim App and Facebook.

Water Safety Week

  • Water Safety Week is the last week for Blocks 1 and 2.

Our focus is to educate the children on Survival Skills, Boat Safety, swimming in Dams, Rivers and the Sea. Children also have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to swim with clothes on and how to perform safe rescues. Important life skills are learnt during this week in our fun engaging Water Safety circuit. We encourage no swim caps and goggles to be worn.

water safety week

Family Fun Swims

Inexpensive outing and great for the kids to practice and show Mum and Dad all the tricks they have learnt in their weekly Learn to Swim Lesson! FREE PARKING and NO KIOSK!

  • Cost: $5.00 per person / $15 per family *babies under 12 months free
family fun swims

Latest News

Learn To Swim Enrolments

2019 Block 1 Commencing 11th February to 6th July 2019 Block 2 Commences 22nd July to 14th December. Book now!

Learn to Swim Holiday Programme

2019 intensive Learn to Swim programs. January 10 days starting Monday 14th to Friday 25th excluding weekend from 3:00 July [...]

Water Fitness Classes

We have classes to suit all ages and abilities . View our current timetable on our Water Fitness page.


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Just Swim

Thank you all for your support throughout 2018 we have had a busy but fantastic year.

Learn to Swim is now finished for 2018 with classes resuming 11th February 2019

We will be closing 1:30pm this Friday 21st December and reopening on Monday 14th January

Family Fun Swims

Tuesday 15th, 22nd, 29th January 9am to 11 am

Wednesday 30th January 1pm to 3pm

Keep practising your swimming over the Holidays and we all look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.
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Now Summer has arrived we have one extra tip
Avoid Alcohol We hate to be the party pooper, but alcohol is involved in approximately 70% of water related deaths and almost 25% of Emergency Room visits for drowning. Alcohol impairs judgement, balance and coordination—being out in the hot sun increases these effects.
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